Administrative structure of Greece

A significant number of competencies regarding permitting of mining and quarrying activities are transferred from the central state (Ministries) to the de-centralized levels of governance. For this reason, it is important to present here briefly the administrative structure of Greece. According to “Kallikratris” (L.3852/2010 as amended and valid), Greece is divided in seven (7) De-centralized Administrations (Apokentromenes Deikisis) and thirteen (13) Administrative Regions or Regional Administrations (Peripheries) which are further divided in 325 Municipalities (Local Authorities). Administrative Regions and Municipalities are self-governed legal entities and subsequently the respective authorities running these bodies are elected by the registered voters.  Each De-centralized Administration has major task to ensure the implementation of the state policies at regional level and includes in its jurisdiction 1 to 3 Administrative Regions. The Head of the De-centralized Administration is appointed by the State with the mandate to implement the governmental guidelines at regional level.
Municipality (Demos) is the first-degree unit of local / regional authorities governed by the Mayor and the Municipality Council and are elected every 5 years. The second-degree unit of local / regional authorities is the Administrative Region (Periferia) which covers a much broader geographical area of the country than Municipality. It is run by the Regional Governor (Periferiarchis) and the Regional Council who are elected every 5 years. Each Region is (geographically) divided in “Regional Units” (Periferiakes Enotites) which in most cases coincide with the formerly called Prefectures (Nomoi). The 13 Administrative Regions (Peripheries) and the 7 De-centralized Administrations to a lesser extent, include in their jurisdictions services that are involved in the permitting/licensing process of mining projects and activities.

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